Global Consistency

Rejuvenating a retailer brand that needed to be flexible enough to accommodate a global business and the multiple language configurations required, yet structured enough to work with everything from a small packet of clothes pegs to a large air conditioning unit. This was the challenge that Wowme had with this range of over 770 sku’s for ALDI Süd, destined for all four corners of the globe.Within this redesign, scope was factored in to allow creative ‘flex’ to be given when packaging was developed for different territories, allowing the same product have multiple appearances, yet still follow the core brand architecture.
The ALDI Easy Home brand is also sub-divided into eight different categories, all specific to different areas of the home, each with their own personality.To enable some of the more technical details of the products to translate into multiple languages, on items such as taps and ironmongery, an illustration style was developed to reduce the amount of copy requirements and to help the consumer in many ways.