Reassuring Voice

It’s often the case that retailers have a range of products that satisfy very different needs or markets and therefore, by default, carry quite different packaging looks. That in itself isn’t an issue however for any brand it’s important that there’s a unified brand look, after all the brand has value and should be consistent where possible. 

One such challenge was with Mothercare’s Home & Travel range, a product category that includes car seats, buggy and pushchair systems, bedding, soft furnishings and furniture, bathing products, high chairs, feeding products and baby monitors amongst other products. Our solution needed to be flexible and more importantly ownable to Mothercare. It also needed to include messages of trust and reassure that the product would do its job and do it well. We used the insight gained through our own Brandscape programme to delve into the category, we needed to understand what influenced purchases. It was apparent that websites such as Mum’s Net play an increasingly important role in affecting purchases.
Mum’s looking for recommendations, reviewing already purchased products posted details on there. Mom’s seeking advice posted questions tapped into a worldwide knowledge base. So we delivered a recognisable and ownable look across all of the varied sub-categories, ensuring that it was on brand for Mothercare and worked well with Mothercare’s own ‘Welcome to the Club’ brand proposition. We developed an on-pack style of language that aped the conversations being had online between new mums, placing comments and statements in a series of speech bubbles.