Consumer Confidence

To complement the improved range of WILKO cleaning products, it was our task to create stimulating and cohesive packaging for the broad range of products and categories. The design needed to challenge the historical perceptions that own label was in some way inferior to the brand leaders and not powerful enough for the task in hand. It needed to compete with the brands, not by creating ‘Me Too’s’ but creating a design that offered credibility and reassurance to customers that it would get the job done.

Creating a robust design architecture that allowed for consistency on over 650 products, whilst allowing flexibility for a wide variety of structural formats, materials and print processes was required. Keeping up with trends both in fragrance and products we evolved the range with strong eye-catching additions including an ECO-FRIENDLY range.

All the time ensuring that Wilko’s DNA remained constant and consistent to make household chores fun!183% Sales uplift in the first 5 weeks after launch.