Shopping A Range

The UK retail market for paint and woodcare has an estimated worth of over £1.2bn, paint contributes 85% of this figure.
Wilko’s own-brand paints first appeared on shelves back in 1973 and although sales were good, as a range there were several individual looks in play, of course, this happens when a whole range grows organically over many years. The range required a uniformed approach that not only considered the requirements of today’s DIYer but also built on the heritage and reassurance of the paint.

After Brandscaping the category, it became clear that one of the biggest challenges that consumers faced was to find exactly what they wanted when faced with multiple paint options – some even said that they found the task of finding the paint they needed “terrifying” and “daunting”. 
We developed an holistic architecture across the whole range, which allowed enough flex for individual types of paints and finishes to be communicated. Development of authoritative on-pack copy supported with easy to understand icons and information panel graphics, created a range of paint products that were easy to understand and shop for.